Craft the next-generation solution empowering businesses to harness the full potential of their data securely with a built-in, unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities in the AI Data Cloud. 

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Explore our engineering teams building Horizon, located across San Mateo, Bellevue, Berlin, and Warsaw.
App Collaboration Platform
App Collaboration is building the underlying platform infrastructure that powers various features, such as Streamlit, Notebooks, and Worksheets, while seamlessly integrating with the Snowflake Marketplace. This will allow third parties to securely share and sell data within the Snowflake ecosystem. Our mission is to make the Snowflake Marketplace easily accessible across all Snowflake experiences,  empowering our users to enrich their insights with data across the AI Data Cloud.
Data Governance
The Data Governance team creates services, systems, and features for comprehensive data management so customers can confidently bring their most sensitive data and workloads to Snowflake. We ensure secure access, privacy protection, lineage tracking, and auditability. Our robust data governance framework is essential  for mitigating quality and compliance risks, ensuring business success, and earning our customers' trust.

The Definitive Guide to Governance in Snowflake
Data Clean Rooms
The Data Clean Rooms team creates a secure environment for multi-party collaboration on sensitive or regulated data without exposing or moving the underlying data. Our team builds unified platform capabilities to apply privacy-preserving safeguards and connect Data Clean Rooms across clouds and regions. We’re focused on delivering integrated, easy-to-use features that enable customers to develop, deploy and monitor Data Clean Rooms at scale. 

What is a Data Clean Room, and Do You Need One?
Data Privacy
The Data Privacy team is responsible for building privacy-enhancing features like Differential Privacy, Anonymization, and Synthetic Data Generation into Snowflake as native capabilities. Our features allow customers to unlock the full value of their most sensitive data, making it available across trust boundaries within their organization and across the AI Data Cloud.
Database Security
Database Platform Security develops Network security, Key and Secret Management. Network security controls access to the Snowflake environment using policies and private links. Key management includes data encryption and security features. It is the most highly specialized area due to encryption needs as well as integration and dependency on the cloud service platform and specialized hardware. Secret Management is a relatively new area, with lots of potential for growth and expansion. 
Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management (IAM) builds solutions for secure authentication, access control, and security auditing for Snowflake customers. Nearly all of Snowflake’s security controls start with knowing who a user is, what they’re allowed to do, and their use history. IAM is vital for customer trust and Snowflake’s performance, reliability, and security.
Marketplace Monetization
Marketplace Monetization develops the monetization models and advances the infrastructure for Snowflake’s data sharing backend and marketplace. We enable the monetization of various data-sharing use patterns in order to drive sharing and network effects across the AI Data Cloud.
Sharing & Marketplace Foundation
Sharing and Marketplace Foundation is the backbone team crafting essential components for the Data Marketplace’s sharing capabilities. Our key work streams include listing fulfillment and cost management, API Layer, supporting new sharing paradigms (i.e. Gen AI models, Native Apps, etc.), and Snowflake Horizon.
Sovereign Cloud
Sovereign Cloud at Snowflake ensures data sharing across regions while meeting government regulations. Challenges include diverse regulations and encryption keys. Solutions focus on GDPR compliance and deletion frameworks. 
Trust Center
The Trust Center team builds a trust and risk management platform empowering Snowflake customers to monitor, identify, achieve, and maintain strong security, governance, privacy, and compliance posture. This allows for effective and simple risk management within Snowflake. Trust Center is a strategic investment in our customers' adoption of Snowflake as their primary data platform, allowing them to focus on analyzing their data instead of protecting it.
"Beyond the compelling market opportunity, I was drawn to Snowflake for its engineering culture. I’m a Software Engineer because I love to build things, and Snowflake encourages and rewards leading from the front, where everyone contributes code."

Eric Woroshow

Principal Software Engineer, Database Security
📍Bellevue, WA


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Govern and discover with a built-in, unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities in the AI Data Cloud.


Essential governance without additional configurations or protocols.


Advanced privacy policies and cross-cloud data sharing enable discovery and access of data, apps and more.


Immediately act on data inside and outside your organization.


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