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Join our Database Engineering team in San Mateo, Bellevue, or Berlin.
Database Query Processing
The Database Query Processing team builds the core data processing engine, powering the world's best data platform. This includes building SQL language features that delight users and developing novel query optimization and execution techniques for industry-leading performance. We also build features that automatically optimize workloads for performance and cost-efficiency. Our mission for every feature: superlative performance, extreme scalability, and unparalleled ease of use. We're the beating heart of Snowflake and enable exciting use cases every day.
The key to Snowflake’s Database Engine is our large-scale distributed transactional Key-Value store - internally called FDB - which powers all of Snowflake’s products and services and is rapidly evolving to meet Snowflake’s future needs. FDB houses Snowflake's metadata, allowing the service to be elastic, making the AI Data Cloud possible. FDB also provides the transactional storage engine for Unistore, Snowflake's new Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing product. 
Analytics lie. It’s in their nature. Data silos often power Analytics, but data silos aren’t the source of truth. Unistore reunites Analytics with the truth by removing OLAP data silos and providing real-time data produced by our customers' OLTP-based transactional systems. Say goodbye to waiting days or weeks for answers with traditional Analytics based on Data Warehouses. Unistore can tell you NOW using the power of HTAP (Hybrid Transaction and Analytics Processing) and Snowflake’s Hybrid Tables superpower. Come join our team delivering: Any Data. Any App. Any Time.


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