At Snowflake, our goal is to hire dedicated people who are driven, risk-takers, and want to build things that will last! Our hiring managers are heavily involved in the hiring process, so don’t be surprised if your first contact is with your future manager.  To learn more, review the steps below.


The recruitment process for engineering roles consists of four stages, and can take anywhere from two to four weeks. Depending on the role or team, the interview process may vary. Not all of these may apply, but here are some additional ways we assess candidates in our hiring process: multiple interviews within each stage, multiple technical assessments, and a formal presentation to interview panels. If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager directly.
Initial Screen
If your application meets the requirements for the role, a member of our recruiting team and/or the hiring manager will reach out to schedule an initial call to get to know you and your technical skill set. Use this opportunity to ask more questions about the role and the rest of the hiring process. 
Technical Interview
You will be given an opportunity to showcase your technical skills and knowledge. Be prepared to demonstrate your technical abilities with live coding on Coderpad.
Panel Interview
You’ll meet with several more team members during the panel interview phase. Depending on your role, you’ll be asked questions based on company values and technical aptitude.
In the final stage, we will assess your candidacy for the job and make a decision. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this process, and we will reach out with an update once a decision is made.
Note: Snowflake conducts reference checks and a standard pre-employment background check in accordance with local labor laws.


Hiring process during COVID-19: Hiring continues to be a priority for Snowflake. Our focus is also the safety and well-being of our employees which is why we are fully committed to interviewing, hiring and onboarding remotely until further notice. Our team continues to monitor the regulations and recommendations put forth by federal and local agencies in the various geographies. If you are expected to be in the office, clear communication and instructions will be provided.