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Shruti and Felipe discussing query optimization at the Snowflake office
Inside Snowflake — Optimizing the Query Optimizer
Shruti Sekaran is one of the amazing interns I met at Snowflake during the summer of 2022. I was immediately impressed by her goal: Improving the performance ...
Snowflake, San Mateo office at sunrise
Why I Returned as a Full-Time Employee
While I was deciding what to do after my Ph.D., it was a fairly straightforward choice. The other companies that I interacted with didn’t even come close to what Snowflake offered ...
Cecile and Aubri celebrating Snowflake's 10th Anniversary
Grow With the Flow – How Uncertainty Can Evolve Your Career
Faced with an unclear career track after college, Cecile Wu, employee communications intern and rising senior, decides to embrace the unknown – using it to carve a path unique to her.
Luke Lorimer
My Intern Experience at Snowflake
I'm Luke, I interned at Snowflake for 8 months, and I've decided to return for a full-time position. I am a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo in Canada, and ...