Making an impact is foundational to who we are. Every Snowflake, every day contributes to our success. At the center of it all are Snowflake’s eight core values. And those values aren’t just words on a wall. They are the principles we use to make great things happen for our customers and for our employees. ​​​​​​​


See how Snowflakes around the world leverage our values to drive success across the organization, while encouraging others to do the same in all actions -- big and small. 

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Photo of KT
Connecting Customers in Japan
In her own extraordinarily unique way, Product Marketing manager and evangelist “KT” channels her excitement for technology and our values to make Snowflake more accessible for users in Japan. 

K T (田中 香織 - たなか かおり)
Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist | Tokyo, Japan
Hidetoshi Tojo (Joe)
Japan Managing Director | Tokyo, Japan
Engineering Excellence in Warsaw
Unable to move forward on a critical new program, our newly acquired Warsaw team jumped in to remove a technical blocker that stalled the progress of a key project. See how engineers Maciej, Tomasz, Dariusz, Kamil, and Frantisek channeled Snowflake’s values to work across geographies, address the technical complexity, and deliver a solution essential for the work to proceed.

Maciej Oczko 
Sr. Engineering Manager | Warsaw, Poland
Kamil Bregula 
Sr. Software Engineer | Warsaw, Poland

Dariusz Seweryn
Sr. Software Engineer | Warsaw, Poland
Tomasz Urbaszek
Sr. Software Engineer | Warsaw, Poland

Frantisek Rolinek
Sr. Engineering Manager | Bellevue, WA, USA
Creating My Dream Job
How do you find your dream job? For Francis, he created it. Setbacks didn’t hold him back; in just a few months, he carved an entirely new career for himself at Snowflake doing what he loves. From transforming the once in-person Snowflake Kickoff to an immersive virtual experience, to creating our beloved Snowflake Polar Bear - see how Francis tapped into Snowflake’s values to get it done.

Francis Mao
Corporate Creative Director | San Mateo, CA


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