Making an impact is foundational to who we are. Every Snowflake, every day contributes to our success. At the center of it all are Snowflake’s eight core values. And those values aren’t just words on a wall. They are the principles we use to make great things happen for our customers and for our employees. ​​​​​​​


See how Snowflakes around the world leverage our values to drive success across the organization, while encouraging others to do the same in all actions -- big and small. 

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Happy Customers, Happy Life
Cutting Customer Costs FTW
Hallo from Berlin! In this IMPACT story, Berlin’s engineering team solves the case of the warehouse scheduling service bottleneck, saving time and money for Snowflake customers. The moral of the story? Do as we always do – uphold our integrity and put customers first, always.

Marco Kroll 
Sr. Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany
Martin Hentschel 
Principal Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany

Prayag Nirmala
Sr. Software Engineer | Bellevue, WA, USA
Mariusz Kwiczala
Sr. Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany

Berni Schiefer
Director, Engineering | Berlin, Germany
From Zero to Hero
When Passion Project Turns Game Changer
Cameron says he’s just a regular guy, but we aren’t so convinced. With his work, the Security Analytics team now uses dozens of dashboards to turn data into actionable insights at the drop of a hat – saving time and allowing the business to blossom. Doesn’t matter if you call Cameron a data wizard, a Snowflake superhero, or the Security Analytics lead – they’re all equally true.

Cameron Tekiyeh 
Manager, Global Security Analytics | San Mateo, CA
Brian Lee
Sr. Manager, Global Compliance Operations | San Mateo, CA

Photo of KT
Connecting Customers in Japan
In her own extraordinarily unique way, Product Marketing manager and evangelist “KT” channels her excitement for technology and our values to make Snowflake more accessible for users in Japan. 

K T (田中 香織 - たなか かおり)
Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist | Tokyo, Japan
Hidetoshi Tojo (Joe)
Japan Managing Director | Tokyo, Japan


Take a look inside #LifeatSnowflake
Qaiser, Karol, and Johnston
NOV 9, 2022
Why I Joined Snowflake After Nine Years at Amazon
After nine years at Amazon, Karol found himself at a crossroads in July 2022 when the opportunity to join Snowflake presented itself. See how Karol used Jeff Bezos' Regret Minimization Framework to make a career-altering decision — to stay at Amazon or join Snowflake.
SEPT 14, 2022
Why I Made the Switch to Snowflake Ventures
After five years of working in Product at Snowflake, Harsha discovers a new opportunity at Snowflake to build on his experience and accelerate the Data Cloud vision. Learn more. 
Cecile and Aubri celebrating Snowflake's 10th anniversary
AUG 31, 2022
Grow With the Flow – How Uncertainty Can Evolve Your Career
Faced with an unclear career track after college, Cecile Wu, employee communications intern and rising senior, decides to embrace the unknown – using it to carve a path unique to her


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