Making an impact is foundational to who we are. Every Snowflake, every day contributes to our success. At the center of it all are Snowflake’s eight core values. And those values aren’t just words on a wall. They are the principles we use to make great things happen for our customers and for our employees. ​​​​​​​


See how Snowflakes around the world leverage our values to drive success across the organization, while encouraging others to do the same in all actions -- big and small. 

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Make an IMPACT at Snowflake
Into the Snowflake IMPACT-verse
Are you ready for an adventure through the Snowflake IMPACT-verse? 

Like a “Best of” album, we’re recapping previous stories of IMPACT and reminding ourselves of what makes them so darn great. From the amazing people collaborating across the globe, to the inspiring work they do each day, see what goes into making an IMPACT at Snowflake featuring never-before-seen footage.

Fresh Beats, Amazing Feats
Part-Time DJ, Full-Time Sales Engineering Superstar
Charles Yorek – aka DJ Charlie Bongo – not only has a record of mixing fresh beats, but also championing customer relationships. In this IMPACT story, feel the rhythm that keeps Charles and his team moving together as one to Put Customers First.

Charles Yorek
Principal Sales Engineer | Remote, Texas
Eddie Blackwell
Global Director - Telco, Media, & Entertainment | Remote, Texas
Emily Lo
Industry Client Manager | Remote, Texas

Happy Customers, Happy Life
Cutting Customer Costs FTW
Hallo from Berlin! In this IMPACT story, Berlin’s engineering team solves the case of the warehouse scheduling service bottleneck, saving time and money for Snowflake customers. The moral of the story? Do as we always do – uphold our integrity and put customers first, always.

Marco Kroll 
Sr. Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany
Martin Hentschel 
Principal Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany

Prayag Nirmala
Sr. Software Engineer | Bellevue, WA, USA
Mariusz Kwiczala
Sr. Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany

Berni Schiefer
Director, Engineering | Berlin, Germany


Take a look inside #LifeatSnowflake
Snowflake Compensation Team at Holiday Party
FEB 22, 2023
From the Stone Ages To Cutting-edge With SnowComp
Working at a trailblazing data company while operating in the ‘stone ages’ drove Julie Xiao, Sr. Compensation Business Partner, to launch SnowComp–an automated, internal tool built on Streamlit that provides managers with real-time pay data wrapped in a user-friendly bow. 
Snowflake Cognitive Services team in our Warsaw office
FEB 15, 2023
Hearts Full of ML, Brains Full of Knowledge - The Snowflake Cognitive Services Team
We all know Snowflake loves data. But we also love science. Snowflake’s Cognitive Services team works on cutting-edge research based on deep learning methodologies to process documents and images similar to the way the human mind does. Sounds interesting? It most definitely is. Read on!
Qaiser, Karol, and Johnston
NOV 9, 2022
Why I Joined Snowflake After Nine Years at Amazon
After nine years at Amazon, Karol found himself at a crossroads in July 2022 when the opportunity to join Snowflake presented itself. See how Karol used Jeff Bezos' Regret Minimization Framework to make a career-altering decision — to stay at Amazon or join Snowflake.

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