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Hi, we're Snowflake. We're the fastest-growing publicly traded software company of all-time, who built the one and only AI Data Cloud and continue to disrupt the data platform industry. We're looking to invest in those who are ready to invest in themselves and ignite a career in tech sales. Our Sales Development Academy is among the most elite entry-level business programs in the world, join us.

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"The SDR training program here at Snowflake really is unparalleled. Time, money, resources, education, and tools are all provided to truly set every employee up for success."
Lauren Aboud
SDR | Denver, CO
"You can learn so much from your colleagues because everybody has a distinct style of work, a different approach to problems, and unique methods to get to their goals. At Snowflake, there is no gatekeeping. We are collectively focused on teaching each other, to make sure we can grow not only as individuals but collectively, too."
Lucas Heinen
SDR | Amsterdam, Netherlands
"This job is anything but typical. You need to be ready to get creative and work with your teammates every day. Be willing to learn and know that it doesn’t matter what your background is, what matters is the effort you are willing to put in to learn about Snowflake once you get the job."
Olivia Meger
SDR | Denver, CO
"The onboarding process gave me a great foundation to hit the ground running.  Having a breadth of understanding of the sales tools at my disposal and how to uniquely position Snowflake to our various customers allowed me to feel at ease while hitting the phones for the first time."
Jack Gold
SDR | San Mateo, CA
A Day in the Life: Snowflake Sales Development Representatives
Hear from Olivia Meger, based in Denver, and Lucas Heinen, based in Amsterdam, who will give you an inside look into the perspective of an SDR at Snowflake from both Amsterdam and North America.
Introducing Snowflake’s Sales Development Academy
At the Snowflake Sales Development Academy, leaders like our very own Lars Nilsson will mentor and develop future tech sales superstars. Here’s more about this program from Lars.




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