Product Experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At Snowflake, we're determined to deliver a revolutionary customer experience, and the key to achieving that lies in crafting an unbeatable user interface. We believe in one platform, one product, one UI and know that a great UI is integral to our success.
Introducing Snowflake Architecture in 90 Seconds
A single, global platform equipped to mobilize your data, power essential workloads, and unlock seamless collaboration.
Why I left Google to Build Snowflake UI
Meet Shrikant Shanbhag, Director of Engineering at Snowflake. Based in San Mateo, California, Shrikant leads the Applications and UI team, working to build the best visual user experience to make the Snowflake platform a delight to use. 
A single, unified, easy to use, experience

Great design is a strategic differentiator for Snowflake — but that differentiation doesn’t come automatically.

Snowflake Design is a world-class team of curious problem solvers on a mission to evolve and improve the way the world works with data. We’re looking for talented, collaborative designers to join the team and drive the mission forward while doing career-defining work.