Engineering Deep Dive Series @ Snowflake toronto

Wednesday, April 5 | 6 PM - 8 PM ET
22 Adelaide Street West, 18th Floor
Come join us at our downtown office and learn about how we solve some of the most challenging, complex, and large-scale technical problems. Enjoy an evening filled with pizza, drinks, and your fellow engineers!

Our Tech Deep Dive series is led by Engineers for Engineers - no recruiting, no sales, no marketing. These events feature Lead Engineers from within Snowflake talking about the engineering challenges they face. In this session, you’ll hear from David Schultz, Principal Software Engineer, on data governance and data clean rooms. 

Members of Snowflake’s Senior Engineering Leadership team will also be present to answer your questions about Snowflake and the Toronto site. 


April 5, 2023

5:45 PM         Doors Open! Members of the Snowflake team will greet you in the lobby  
6:00 PM         Networking, Pizza, and Drinks
6:30 PM         Data Governance and Data Clean Rooms with David Schultz
7:00 PM         Q&A Closing Remarks

Event Location

Sowflake Toronto Office

18th Floor, Bay-Adelaide Centre - East Tower
22 Adelaide Street
Toronto, ON

Meet the Speakers

David Schultz is a Principal Software Engineer at Snowflake. He focuses on building solutions to help companies, from small businesses to Fortune Global 500s, to govern vast amounts of data effectively. Through Snowflake's governance and privacy platform, Snowflake customers can manage and organize their data at scale, identify and protect sensitive data, and unlock the power of data while respecting individual privacy and meeting compliance obligations.
Before joining Snowflake, David worked at Google Cloud from its inception to its growth into a hyperscale CSP. He was responsible for Google's network virtualization platform, which he published and presented at NSDI '18. He led engineering efforts behind a number of foundational networking and security initiatives, including IPv6, encryption in transit, and VPC Firewall.
Previously, David spent time at Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, and earned his PhD from MIT, where he studied information flow control, distributed systems, and cryptography under Barbara Liskov.

Meet the Leadership Team

Qaiser Habib
As our local Canadian Site Lead & Director of Engineering, Qaiser brings a wealth of leadership experience from industries ranging from AI/ML to E-Commerce to Operations. Prior to Snowflake, Qaiser built and led DoorDash’s International expansion engineering org, and Amazon’s Labor Planning product lines right here in Toronto. 
Johnston Chu
As one of the most tenured members of the Snowflake Engineering team, Johnston has played multiple roles since the early days of Snowflake ranging from a hands-on engineer building Security & Data Sharing features, to a Senior leader building out our Native Applications organization. Johnston moved back from the Bay Area to Toronto to kick start our Toronto Engineering presence. Previously, Johnston has worked on the Market Risk and Exchange teams at Goldman Sachs and Microsoft respectively.
Karol Bienkowski
As an engineering manager, Karol is building Snowflake’s Native Apps foundation team in Toronto. Karol joined us after spending almost 10 years at Amazon. He spent the last 3 years at AWS where he led the control plane team for Aurora Serverless, cloud-native relational database. Before, he oversaw big data and machine learning implementations within Amazon’s supply chain.
Michael Li
Michael has over 20 years of industry experience in software engineering as a development manager, technical lead, and developer. He joined the Native Apps team at Snowflake earlier this year and is leading the Native Apps Provider Platform initiative. Prior to Snowflake, Micheal was a Principal Software Engineer at Huawei Technologies where he led the development and delivery of openLooKeng, a distributed, low latency data engine. Prior to Huawei Technologies, he was a technical lead for several micro services of IBM’s Watson Health Cloud Platform. Michael is passionate about delivering the best in class technologies that will help customers develop, deliver, and run data applications in Snowflake’s ecosystem.
Sandy Gao
Sandy is a Tech Lead Manager of the Developer Platform team at Snowflake. The team provides tools and experiences that support developers to build Snowflake applications. Before joining Snowflake, Sandy spent almost 20 years at IBM, leading various efforts in the areas of XML, Security, and Cloud. Sandy was recognized as one of the top XML and XML Schema experts in the industry.